Weight Loss

Dr. Kane decided to begin offering weight loss services to his patients in the Frederick, MD area, because he saw a substantial need. Many people have struggled with years of dieting, only to find they regain the weight quickly. This is because traditional diets are not designed for success.

The simple advice to “eat less and move more” is an unrealistic oversimplification of what is involved in a successful weight loss journey. As a physician, Dr. Kane and his team have the expertise to help people realize successful weight loss, and maintain their new-found health.

The ReShape balloon and support program we offer, are enabling our patients to find the success they’ve been looking for. 

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Gastric Balloon

We now offer the ReShape weight loss balloon.

Because the balloon takes up space in your stomach, it allows you to lose weight because you’ll feel full with much smaller meals. The ReShape balloon stays in place for 6 months, during which time you’ll be supported by positive nutrition and fitness coaching.

After 6 months, the balloon is removed and you’ll continue to work with our team to lose weight.

Virtual Health Partners

Included in our weight loss program is not only the ReShape balloon, but the necessary support that accompanies this innovative device. Our weight loss support is provided by Virtual Health Partners (VHP) – a virtual platform that allows you to have nutrition consultations, access to live online fitness classes, and learn from a library of weight loss videos, all from your home.

VHP enhances your weight loss journey and chance for success. You’ll benefit from the most innovative technology and access to a team of experts around the country. You’ll use VHP’s food diary, website, app, and activity tracker that will motivate, inspire, and educate you as you lose weight.

VHP supports your weight loss by giving you access to experts, coaches, fitness classes, and more – all from the comfort of your home – through our convenient website and smartphone app. 


  • Fitness class videos (all levels): unlimited access

  • Live nutrition appointment via phone or video chat: once per month

  • Weightloss media library with recipes, classes, and more: unlimited access

  • Messaging with nutrition and fitness experts 24/7: unlimited

  • Personalized goal setting with detailed reporting

  • Meal & fitness planning based on your personal preferences, goals, and lifestyle

Easy to use tracking and reports

Weight loss media library with videos, recipes, and more

Interested in learning about the weight loss success you can have by working with Dr. Kane and a team of experts?