Direct Colonoscopy

Just about everyone should undergo a screening colonoscopy at age 50,(or age 45 for African-Americans) on the recommendation of the American Cancer Society. Our Direct Access Colonoscopy program (also known as Open Access Colonoscopy) allows healthy patients, with no gastrointestinal symptoms, over the age of 50 ( 45 for African-Americans) and weighing less than 300 lbs., to obtain a screening colonoscopy without the inconvenience of an initial office visit.

Patients with a strong family history-a first degree relative (parents, siblings, or children) diagnosed with colon cancer- may also be eligible to participate in the Direct Access Colonoscopy program and should consider screening colonoscopy either at age 40, or when the patient reaches the age of being 10 years younger than when the first degree relative was diagnosed with colon cancer.

To access the Direct Colonoscopy forms and information, please download this packet. 

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