Smart Pill Wireless Motility Capsule


The Smart Pill Wireless Motility Capsule procedure is a test which utilizes an ingestible capsule device that allows your physician to monitor pH and pressure through your entire GI tract. Using these measurements, the physician can calculate regional transit times to evaluate your gastrointestinal motility.

The test does not require a hospital visit and does not expose you to radiation. An office visit of approximately 30 minutes is required. To prepare for the test, you will be required to fast 8 hours before the test. Your doctor may impose other restrictions as well such as taking you off certain medications prior to the procedure.

Once at the office, you will be required to eat a small meal called the SmartBar. You will then swallow the capsule and are free to leave the office. As the capsule naturally travels through your GI tract it collects pressure, pH and temperature data. A data receiver, worn for several days on a belt clip or lanyard around the neck, captures and stores the test data collected by the capsule. The wireless receiver is removed during bathing and sleeping. The single use, disposable capsule is usually passed within a few days.

The patient returns the data receiver to the office and the test data is downloaded. Your physician will review the test results with you after the data has been analyzed.

Modified from the Smart Pill Corporation

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