ReShape Weight Loss Balloon

Gastroenterology Specialists of Frederick, PA is now offering the gastric balloon – also known as the weight loss balloon.

The ReShape balloon is a device that was recently approved by the FDA. After seeing the results patients were getting, and the renewed energy and confidence this balloon and program brings them, Dr. Kane is proud to introduce this to the Frederick, PA area.

The balloon weight loss program is a comprehensive approach to losing weight. You’ll thrive with expert coaching, an exclusive virtual aftercare platform, compassionate support, and this innovative ReShape dual balloon system.

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Who benefits from the balloon?

If you’re an adult who is frustrated with a cycle of diets, fads that don’t help, and the yoyo of weight loss and regain, the balloon program may be for you.

Patients who use this innovative approach to weight loss are often finding they’re quickly rewarded by fast weight loss in the first few weeks, which keeps them motivated on their journey to success. Our most successful patients are those who are looking for an exclusive program, supported by a dedicated team, and are ready to make the lifestyle adjustments that will best support their goals.

How does the balloon work?

The ReShape dual balloon partially fills your stomach leaving less room for food. The soft balloon system is designed to be placed and removed through your mouth using an endoscope while you’re under sedation. The balloon is inflated with saline solution to create a feeling of fullness.

Along with the balloon, you’ll be supported by a comprehensive package of education, nutritional guidance, and positive coaching for your best chance of weight loss success.

Why is this program effective?

The ReShape balloon program takes a safe and efficient medical device, and elevates it to a level that revamps your eating lifestyle with expert education and support. We will give you a FitBit wireless scale as well as a FitBit activity tracker. These will sync with a portal you can use from your computer or smart phone. Our program incorporates the latest technology which gives you access to live online fitness classes and live video chat with nutritionists. This program was build for substantial and lasting.

What’s included in the program?

  • Balloon placement procedure

  • Balloon removal procedure

  • 6 months of weight loss support with the balloon

  • 6 months of weight loss support after the balloon

  • Bluetooth FitBit scale

  • Bluetooth FitBit activity tracker

  • Unlimited access to patient portal

Weight Loss Support

Before/After ReShape

The ReShape Procedure

What Patients Say

If you’re interested in the balloon, call us for a consultation or to ask any questions you have: (844) 587- 6556